Timber Toys for Kids

Ro Óg specialises in Irish designed high quality handcrafted timber toys that can be passed from generation to generation. The toys are sturdy, safe and easy to use enhancing the effortless development of a variety of skills i.e. balance, co-ordination, control and spatial ability. Each toy is CE certified guaranteeing Ro Óg's commitment to safety and European standards. The design, materials and work practices are key to our commitment to the environment ensuring that Ro Og products are eco friendly. Ro Óg's philosophy - durable quality toys that stand the test of time passing from generation to generation.

Ro Óg's main product is a thoughtfully designed, hand-built durable and eco-friendly RunBike / BalanceBike.

Runbikes / BalanceBikes are designed for children who want to experience the freedom of riding a two wheeler but have not yet mastered the art!

These bikes encourage effortless development of:

  • Balance

  • Spatial Ability

  • Co-ordination

  • Control

The Runbike/Wooden balance bike has adjustable seat settings to suit the user.

Sturdy wheels have been used to reduce maintenance.

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