Our BalanceBoard encourage effortless development of many aspects of your child’s development and there are several benefits of using a balance board:

  • Improved balance and coordination.
  • Better proprioceptive awareness for injury prevention.

Balancing on the flat surface challenges your muscles and proprioception as your body and mind adapt to moving on the unstable support below. Proprioception is your ability to sense your environment and adjust the positions of your body accordingly.

  • Improved core stability.
  • Increased leg strength.
  • Greater ankle Range of Motion (R.O.M.).
  • Increased core and upper body strength.

Functional strength important benefit. Functional exercises help your muscles work better in everyday activities – develops core and upper body strength. 

  • Improved flexibility and agility.
  • Enhanced performance in sport and daily life

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Improved mental focus

Challenging your balance forces the left and right halves of your brain to communicate more thus improving sensory integration and co-ordination. If you then move an arm or leg across the mid line of your body while on the balance board you further challenge this neuro muscular communication controlled balance exercises. Increased self-awareness, instil a sense of calmness to improve mental focus – reduce risk of injury. The Balance Board also helps to release the effects of emotional stress and trauma. Significant shifts in behaviour have also been noted, along with enhanced self-esteem.

Balance Board activities are also useful for all learners, included gifted thinkers, reducing stress while improving focus and concentration for more difficult or complex tasks.

Observed Benefits

Use of the Balance Board has shown benefits in the following areas:


• increased capacity for sustained self-directed attention
• increased ability to learn new material
• ability to sequence information
• improved ability to produce smooth speech sounds
• increased ability to integrate sensory information


• increased motivation
• increased organization
• enthusiasm for learning


• overcoming the effects of emotional stress
• increased emotional self-control
• increased self-esteem


• improved eye-tracking
• better use of both eyes together—eye teaming


• sense of rhythm
• improved handwriting
• improved speech
• achieving automaticity
• improving coordination, posture and gait


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